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“Leadership through Customer Service”, is the cornerstone of FOX Elevators growth strategy

When hearts are filled with courage & eyes bright with aspirations, all you can be is UNSTOPPABLE. Let dreams soar high and rise to every challenge. To make every journey to the top a smooth, safe & swift ride….we are always there.



For every glide to success…it starts with firm ground.

Who We Are

As the skylines of every major city and town have been vertically rising, one of the most important aspects of this growth has been unprecedented research and development that has happened in the elevator industry in the last few years. This industry’s contribution to creating marvels of vertical structures is worth taking note of, and we at FOX Elevators are at the forefront of this mammoth change happening in our country.

We touch the lives of millions of people across India with the elevator that we have manufactured. FOX Elevators is a major elevator manufacturer and service provider in the Indian market. FOX addresses all the needs of the elevators in critical sectors for the last four decades. Every aspect of FOX’s businesses is characterized by professionalism and high criteria of corporate governance with sustainability entrenched into our long term strategy for growth. Adhering to the highest quality and safety norms, FOX Elevators is leaving a mark of distinction in the elevator industry.